Four Ways To Keep Cool While Awaiting An Emergency AC Repair

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Four Ways To Keep Cool While Awaiting An Emergency AC Repair

Four Ways To Keep Cool While Awaiting An Emergency AC Repair

23 May 2017
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Air conditioning always seems to fail when it's scorching hot outside! This is not just bad luck. Your AC has to work harder when it's very hot outside, so issues that have been brewing for a while are more likely to cause a complete breakdown on a hot day than on a cooler day. Having your AC fail is frustrating, but there are plenty of ways to stay cool while you await your emergency repair team.

Sit in front of a fan with a wet washcloth.

Running a fan won't keep your home cooler, but it will keep you cooler. The air blowing past your skin will cause sweat to evaporate, and the evaporation process removes heat from your skin. You can enjoy even more intense cooling by wiping your arms and face down with a washcloth periodically as you sit in front of the fan.The water will evaporate, much like sweat, helping to keep you cool.

Take a cool bath.

If you do not have anything pressing to do, fill the tub with cool water, and soak for a while. You can even read a book or browse the internet on your phone as you relax in the tub. Do you have more than one person in your home to keep cool? Put on your bathing suits and have a pool party in the bath tub! Of course, you could also fill up a kiddie pool or even a big plastic tote in your backyard.

Eat some cool food.

Eating cool food and drinking cool beverages will help keep your internal temperature down in spite of the heat. So, treat yourself to a popsicle, some lemonade, or even a smoothie. Avoid turning on the stove or oven to warm up any food, as this will just make your house even hotter. If you need to cook or reheat something, use the microwave or an outdoor grill.

Head to the basement.

Usually, basements stay pretty cool even on the hottest days of the summer. This is because the soil below ground stays cool and absorbs any heat generated in the basement. Hang out in your basement until your AC repair person arrives. Even if your basement is a little wet and not finished, you can take advantage of this time to do some needed basement cleanup.

Follow the tips above, and you'll be able to stay comfortable even in a heat wave. Make sure you have a good emergency HVAC tech on hand, and you won't have to wait long for repairs. Companies like Custom Comfort can help.

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