Want To Avoid Dealing With Costly Plumbing Issues? Drain Maintenance Is Key

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

Want To Avoid Dealing With Costly Plumbing Issues? Drain Maintenance Is Key

Want To Avoid Dealing With Costly Plumbing Issues? Drain Maintenance Is Key

19 May 2020
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If you are like a lot of other homeowners, you might not pay too much attention to your drains. It is not that you want them to end up clogged, but you simply do not give the drains much thought when bathing or using the sink. Unfortunately, a lack of care could lead to some major plumbing problems for you at some point. If you take care of drain maintenance at home and hire HVAC contractors to provide professional drain maintenance services at times, you can protect your plumbing fixtures and avoid the frustration of having those annoying clogged drains.

Do Not Hesitate to Use White Vinegar

Some people believe the solution to clearing the drains involves using some harsh chemicals they can purchase anywhere. While these harsh chemicals do eat away at the debris that you might find inside your drains, they also cause an undeniable amount of damage to pipes. Avoid potentially damaging your pipes by using white vinegar in your drains instead of the harsher products. You can pour a cup of it down the drain and then run hot water from the faucet for about 30 seconds once a week to clear the drains.

Receive Scheduled Drain Maintenance Services

Hire reputable contractors to perform drain maintenance services routinely. You may choose to have the contractors visiting your property once a month or once every six weeks. When the contractors come to your home, they may do the following things:

  • Look deep within the drains using an inspection camera
  • Remove any potential debris with a snake and auger that go deep into the drain
  • Use an eco-friendly, drain-safe solution to clear out any buildup
  • Perform the final inspection with the camera to make sure the drains are clear

If a contractor is planning to pour any type of solution down the drain, find out what they are going to use. A professional contractor will only use safe products that do not damage plumbing fixtures during the process of clearing out the excess debris. HVAC contractors often have access to high-quality plumbing products that are not always available at home improvement stores or online stores.

Get in the hang of routinely checking your drains, cleaning them with a bit of white vinegar once a week, and having helpful contractors perform drain maintenance services every so often. By doing so, you can avoid dealing with massive clogs that often lead to frustrating and expensive plumbing issues for homeowners.

To learn more about drain maintenance, contact an HVAC contractor.

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