How To Know When It's Time For A New Air Conditioning Installation

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

How To Know When It's Time For A New Air Conditioning Installation

How To Know When It's Time For A New Air Conditioning Installation

3 November 2021
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The air conditioning system in your home should last anywhere from 12 to 15 years. If you get your system serviced each year before you use it consistently, this should extend the life of your air conditioning unit. While there are times that you can get your air conditioner repaired, eventually you will need to invest in a new AC installation. Your unit may become obsolete, making it more difficult to find parts. Once your system is frequently breaking down, it's time to consider a new air conditioner instead of continuing to pay for repairs. Work with your HVAC contractor to learn about the different reasons to get a new AC installation.

Your Home Doesn't Cool Down

If you are running your air conditioning and your home doesn't cool down, this can be because of a number of problems. The thermostat could be broken, or the system is out of coolant. If the compressor is broken and your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it's probably time for a new air conditioning installation instead of making the expensive repair.

The Air Flow Is Poor

As your air conditioner ages, it is less efficient at moving cool air throughout your home. You may find hot spots in your home, and need to have extensive repairs. If the issue is with your compressor, the cost of the repair may be high.

Your System Is Making Noise While Running

Your air conditioning unit contains a variety of working parts. If you hear a grinding or squealing noise when the system is on, turn it off, and contact your HVAC contractor. While the issue could be a small repair, such as a belt replacement, you may have serious issues going on with your air conditioning that require a replacement of the system.

Your air conditioning should be able to keep you cool whenever the weather is hot. It's time for a new air conditioning installation if:

  • You have a consistent need for repairs that are getting more expensive
  • Your system is inefficient and more than 15 years old
  • You have major coolant leaks coming from your unit and it malfunctions

A new AC installation is a good investment. It will cost you less money in cooling costs, once you get a new system instead of relying on an old, inefficient one. Keep your home cool during the hot weather by getting the air conditioning you deserve.

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