How Your Senses Can Alert You To The Fact That You May Need A Residential Heating Repair

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

How Your Senses Can Alert You To The Fact That You May Need A Residential Heating Repair

How Your Senses Can Alert You To The Fact That You May Need A Residential Heating Repair

3 March 2022
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One of the best ways to determine if you need a residential heating repair is to use your senses. Your heater will likely give you one or more indicators that something is not quite right and a repair may be needed. Unfortunately, many people tend to miss these clues. Tuning in to your senses can help alert you to potential heater problems, allowing you to get them repaired. 


Your sense of touch or feel may be able to alert you to a potential problem with your residential heater. One of the signs that something is amiss is your unit blowing cold air or cold spots being present throughout your home. If your heater is running and you feel cold air blowing, or you feel one part of your home is colder than another part, you likely need a residential heating repair. 


Your sense of smell may also alert you to potential heater problems. If you smell the scent of rotten eggs, you should immediately turn off a gas-powered heating unit and call in a residential heating professional immediately. The scent of rotten eggs goes hand-in-hand with a gas leak. Other types of scents that you may smell if your heater needs a repair include burning scents, metallic or electric scents, or a musty scent. 


Your heating unit may make a variety of sounds if something is not quite right. You may hear screeching or squealing if a hose or belt has broken. You may hear grinding if a part is stuck. You may hear rumbling if the heat condenser is going out. Or you may hear boiling if your furnace is experiencing kettling. You know what your heating unit sounds like normally. If something sounds off, it is, and you should call for residential heating repair quickly. 


The last sense that may help clue you in to a potential problem with your heater is sight or seeing. If you notice the burner flame or pilot light on your heating unit change color or turn bright yellow, you may have an issue. Your pilot light or burner flame should be blue in color. If another color is present, there may be rust or minerals building up in or around the flame mechanism, causing the problem. 

If you feel, smell, hear or see something that is not quite right with your heating unit, you likely need a residential heating repair. Reach out to a local heating contractor to have your unit inspected and repaired. It is important to make timely repairs, as problems with your unit can worsen if the problem is not addressed. What starts out as a small, repairable problem can turn into something much larger if neglected. 

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