5 Tips For Picking The Right AC System For Your Residence

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

5 Tips For Picking The Right AC System For Your Residence

5 Tips For Picking The Right AC System For Your Residence

22 March 2022
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Air conditioning in your home is crucial during the hot and humid summers. Whether it is by installing a new AC unit as a first-timer or replacing the one you have, ensuring that you have a functional unit is crucial for your comfort. While there are plenty of AC brands in the market, you need to choose one that meets your expectations. Here are five tips for selecting the right AC appliance for your home.

1. Sizing Matters

Sizing is a key factor when picking your new AC. If you pick one that's too small for a room, the AC unit won't cool your indoor space effectively. On the flip side, an AC that's too large for your home might waste a lot of energy. Fortunately, a technician can measure your home's square footage to determine the right sizing. That way, you can enjoy optimum cooling from your AC.

2. Fan Settings

An air conditioner with multiple fan speeds allows you to control airflow in a room. For instance, if your house feels hot, you can use a higher setting to get clean, cool air. In addition to that, fan settings provide an option to switch your AC to a quiet operation at night. You don't have to deal with loud noises while sleeping.

3. Energy Saving Features

Before a new AC installation, consult an expert about the energy-efficiency features the cooling unit has or should have. Here are traits to look for in your air conditioner to save power:

  • Programmable thermostat
  • Sensors
  • Remote control

A programmable thermostat is useful for setting the right temperatures without using too much energy. On the other hand, sensor controls switch off the system when no one is using a specific room.

4. Typical Weather

If you live in a hot and humid zone, you should go for a central air conditioner. This unit cools your entire residence evenly without hassle. Additionally, it boosts indoor quality by trapping allergens and other contaminants that may be in the air. A central AC is worth investing in thanks to the comfort and energy-saving benefits.

5. Flexibility

A new air conditioner should be versatile to accommodate your needs. For instance, a split AC system requires a small hole in your home during installation. Alternatively, you can choose portable AC equipment if you move around a lot. Central air conditioning is an excellent choice for new constructions. 

AC replacement is an investment that requires deep consideration. The good news is that you can work with a technician to get the perfect air conditioner for you.

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