Why You Should Replace Your Old AC With A Ductless System

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Why You Should Replace Your Old AC With A Ductless System

Why You Should Replace Your Old AC With A Ductless System

10 May 2022
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If your old AC requires frequent repairs due to frequent breakdowns, you may be looking for alternative solutions for cooling your home. One of your options is to replace your traditional central air system with a ductless mini-split one. A ductless AC unit may provide a more effective air conditioning solution for your home than your old AC unit. Therefore, you should consult an AC technician to assist you in assessing the different types of ductless ACs that fit your needs and budget. The following are some pros of ductless air conditioning installation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Central AC units may develop leaks in the ductwork due to gaps and tears, resulting in heating and cooling losses. If you want to replace your old AC unit with a more efficient cooling appliance, the ductless mini-split system is viable. This system uses an inverter to convert alternating current voltage to direct current voltage. Consequently, it consumes less energy while operating. Additionally, ductless systems use variable-speed compressors, which only run when needed.

Built-In Zoning

A ductless mini-split system utilizes installed air handlers in each room to control the temperature of each space individually. This quality makes it a great choice if your household is big or every member has different conditioning preferences. The system provides customized comfort because each household member can adjust the unit in their room to their desired temperature without affecting the entire house.

Easy Adaptability

The fact that the system doesn't have ductwork makes the installation of a ductless mini-split system faster and easier than a traditional AC unit. Additionally, the ducts and filters in central ACs require regular cleaning and sealing leaks, costing you money in service, repairs as well as replacements. But when it comes to ductless systems, they require low maintenance costs simply because you only need to clean the filters. Furthermore, they are optimal if you reside in a slab home that lacks ductwork.

Saves Space

The good thing with ductless mini-split appliances is that they're quite compact as they are designed to save space. Conversely, central ACs are bulky, thus taking up a lot of space wherever they are mounted. They also use more space because they require extensive ductwork. A ductless system consists of an outdoor condenser that connects to indoor air handlers, whereas the central ACs consist of four main components, each needing space.

If you are looking for a more versatile air conditioning appliance to serve your needs, you may opt for a ductless mini-split system. Consulting an AC installation professional is vital in narrowing down the ductless system that suits your needs best. They will assess the space in each room to ensure that you install a zoned AC system of the right size while also considering your budget.

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