4 Dangers Of Using Clogged Furnace Air Filters

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4 Dangers Of Using Clogged Furnace Air Filters

4 Dangers Of Using Clogged Furnace Air Filters

2 August 2022
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You know that you should replace the furnace's air filter regularly, but you keep putting it off because you probably don't have the time and the money. When your furnace starts making strange noises and then shuts off, do not be surprised when the heating contractor tells you that your unit has burned out because the air filter was clogged. Replacing the air filter would have only cost a few dollars, but now you will face a huge repair bill. Do not let this happen to you. Here are four dangers of not replacing your furnace's air filter.

1. Furnace Fire 

There is a good reason why heating contractors recommend regular furnace air filter replacements. If the air filters are old and dirty, they will let dust and debris into the furnace, blocking its ventilation system. This means your unit has to overwork to supply your home with warm air. Just like you sweat when you overwork, your furnace will overheat and could even catch fire. Call a heating contractor to replace the air filter immediately.

2. Your Electricity Bills Could Go Up

As mentioned, blocked air filters cause your furnace to strain to keep your home warm. And it will consume more energy than necessary. High power consumption means high energy bills. And the bills might keep rising until you replace the clogged filters. Do not try to replace the air filters on your own, or you could get it wrong and affect your furnace's performance. A heating contractor can help you get furnace filters with the right minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating for cost-effective performance.

3. Health Problems

In addition to being tough on your pockets, clogged filters can expose your loved ones to health issues. If the air filters are blocked, your furnace will supply air contaminated with dust, pollen, and other air pollutants. This could be the beginning of severe health issues, such as allergies, fatigue, headaches, and respiratory tract infections. The effect may even be severe if you have asthma. Call a contractor to replace your air filters. 

4. Damage to Other Furnace Components

Dirty air filters cause overheating, putting essential components of your furnace at risk of damage. For example, overheating could damage the motor or heat exchanger. Some of these components are quite expensive to repair. And in the worst-case scenarios, they could be damaged beyond repair, requiring a replacement. To avoid hefty repair costs or even the replacement of your entire unit, it is in your best interest to always ensure your air filters are in perfect condition.

Do not wait until your furnace stops working to replace the filters. Call a reliable heating contractor today. They will be able to replace the old filters with the recommended ones to ensure your furnace is safe and running effectively.

Contact a local furnace repair service, such as Powder River Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, to learn more. 

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