How To Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

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How To Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

How To Fix A Noisy Air Conditioner

24 August 2022
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Noisy air conditioners can be so irritating. However, you must know that noise is usually uncommon in modern air conditioners. So, if your AC unit has been emitting so much noise lately, you need to get it checked. There must be a reason why your AC system has become noisy. Luckily, you can fix the noisy air conditioner using the following techniques: 

Clean the Fan Blade

Your air conditioner might emit noise due to dirt accumulating on the fan blades. So, before you try other solutions, you should try cleaning the fan blades to see if the noise will reduce. You need to be cautious not to bend the blades when cleaning them. Ideally, you can use a blower or a vacuum cleaner. If you opt for a vacuum cleaner, you might want to attach a brush attachment to the vacuum hose. Ensure that you don't push the blades.

Tighten Any Loose Parts

Sometimes your air conditioner will make noise due to loose parts. As such, you must ensure that all the screws and other parts are tight. If you find loose screws or parts, just tighten them and run your air conditioner. If the screws were the issue, your AC system shouldn't make noise anymore.

Get an AC Tune-Up

Your air conditioner might be making loud noises because you haven't been servicing it. The AC system might be struggling a lot which explains why it is making noises. These noises will become louder if you fail to schedule an AC system tune-up as soon as possible. Your technician will tune all the components of your air conditioner and do all the necessary repairs. Once they are done, your air conditioner will operate quietly.

Use a Sound Blanket

Assuming that your air conditioner is okay and nothing can be done to reduce the noise, You should consider using a sound blanket. The blanket will help absorb the loud sounds coming from the condenser. You can request your technician or an AC unit expert to install the sound blanket. However, if you are confident enough, you can proceed to install your sound blanket.

Be Creative

Sometimes you have to devise innovative ways to reduce the noise from your AC system. You can build a fence around your outdoor unit if it becomes too noisy. Use plywood to build the fence and ensure the walls are a few feet away from the unit. The distance gap should prevent your AC unit from overheating and reducing its cooling performance. 

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more. 

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