Wondering Which AC Model To Invest In? 3 Common Options

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

Wondering Which AC Model To Invest In? 3 Common Options

Wondering Which AC Model To Invest In? 3 Common Options

9 November 2022
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At some point, you have to think about replacing your AC system. This is especially the case when your current unit hasn't been giving you the service you deserve or is at the end of its useful service life. More so, AC replacement offers an excellent opportunity to choose a unit with the best features for your needs. However, the process can be confusing, especially when you do not understand how the equipment works. Here are some of the most common AC types in the market to make your selection easier.   

The Swamp System

Many people also know this model as the evaporative AC system. It closely resembles a window unit and uses water instead of conventional refrigerant. The technology is simple and works by drawing hot air through moisture pads. Then, it cools the air and redistributes it into the intended space. Ultimately, the system is excellent when you need an uncomplicated way to maintain the heat inside the home. However, it works best in hot and dry climates and will not deliver optimally in places with high humidity. 

The Combination System

This unit is also called the hybrid AC. You will be pleased to know that this option allows you to choose between a floor, wall, standing, and ceiling model. Given this, it is among the most efficient unit types and can save up to a third of your heating bill. What's more, the system absorbs solar energy through the coils and uses it for cooling. That said, you should know that the heat in the environment directly affects the cooling process and efficiency. Therefore, as the temperatures rise, the unit works better and uses less electrical power. Ultimately, it offers an eco-friendly installation, and you'll love the energy savings. 

The Central Unit

The central AC is perhaps the most common unit type in many homes. The system comprises a central unit that has an outdoor and indoor unit. The outdoor unit draws in hot air from inside the house, cools it down, and then circulates it back inside the home. If considering this option, an air conditioning contractor will design and install ductwork to circulate air inside the home. Given this, the system is highly efficient in keeping the building cool, especially in a larger home. That said, you should know that this AC system comes with a high energy expenditure and you have to be aware of the SEER rating of the system. 

If you are considering a new AC unit installation, speak to an AC contractor about these options before picking one. They will also point out other systems available in the market, with their pros and cons, to help you pick the ideal one. With the right AC type, your home will stay cool and comfortable throughout the seasons.

Contact a local air conditioning system installation service to learn more. 

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