Reasons To Service Your Air Conditioner

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

Reasons To Service Your Air Conditioner

Reasons To Service Your Air Conditioner

15 December 2022
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Your home's air conditioner plays a crucial role in circulating clean air. It also ensures indoor temperatures are comfortable during different weather conditions. However, many homeowners neglect to service their air conditioners only to pay a high price for repairs in the future. Here are some key reasons you should schedule regular air conditioner servicing. 

Improved Efficiency

Failing to maintain your AC system correctly can significantly reduce its efficiency. When you service your unit, it runs at optimal capacity. This means it provides quicker heating and cooling. Servicing also improves your air conditioner's power efficiency. 

Air conditioners use more power than many household appliances. When you fail to service your AC unit, it tends to draw more power as it struggles to heat or cool your home. Regular servicing minimizes your air conditioner's energy consumption and can cut down the cost of your monthly energy bills.

Maintaining the AC's Warranty

Many AC system manufacturers provide a few years of warranty on their units. However, your air conditioner's warranty is valid if you service it regularly. Therefore, if the unit malfunctions, your manufacturer will cater for significant repairs. If you fail to maintain your AC unit properly, all warranties will be rendered null and void.

Avoiding a Breakdown During Peak Use Times

Another reason for servicing your AC system is to avoid a breakdown during peak use times. Summer is a busy time to get your AC unit repaired. If you wait to service your unit until the hot weather arrives, you may find yourself sweltering as you wait for the technician to fix any issues. Furthermore, you may have to live without your air conditioner for several days if they have to buy new parts. 

Make sure you service your AC unit before summer comes around. Additionally, don't schedule service during winter months. Running a faulty AC system in cold weather will cause the oil inside to thicken, preventing oil circulation. As a result, your AC system will malfunction.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioner servicing helps boost indoor air quality. If your AC system emits a foul odor, this could be because of an accumulation of bacteria, mold, or other organisms. Servicing involves cleaning your air filters to get rid of the odor. This means the air you will breathe is filtered of dust and allergens. 

If the air filters are clogged with dirt, this can lead to multiple health issues or aggravate conditions like asthma and hay fever. When your AC system has been serviced, it filters out these toxins making your indoor air healthy and comfortable for everyone.

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