Get Ready For Summer: Signs Your AC Compressor Needs Repairs

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Get Ready For Summer: Signs Your AC Compressor Needs Repairs

Get Ready For Summer: Signs Your AC Compressor Needs Repairs

17 April 2023
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Summer is almost here. It's time to get your air conditioner ready for hot weather. If you've decided to wait until summer to check your air conditioner, rethink that decision. Waiting too long could create problems later. That's especially true if your air conditioner needs repairs. The compressor is one component that you need to worry about. If the compressor goes out, you won't get any cool air. That's why you need to run the air conditioner before summer gets here. If your air conditioner doesn't blow cool air, there's a good chance the compressor is bad. Here are four reasons your compressor can break down. 

Damaged Pipes

If your air conditioner runs a full cycle but doesn't cool down the house, chances are good that the pipes are damaged. Cracked and worn-out pipes can stop the refrigerant from getting through to the air conditioner. When that happens, your AC won't produce cool air. If your air conditioner doesn't produce cool air, call for repairs. There's a good chance the compressor needs repairs. 


If you haven't inspected the outside AC unit, now's the time to do that. The outside unit can tell you a lot about your AC compressor. First, check the coils. Dirt and debris inside the coils can interfere with the compressor. Next, check the compressor. Because the compressor is outside in the elements, it can get contaminated with dirt, fungus, and bacteria. Unfortunately, all those issues can cause your AC compressor to malfunction. If the coils or compressor are contaminated, call an HVAC company. Your AC compressor needs repairs. 


Now that you're getting your air conditioner ready for summer, you'll want to check for overheating. It's not uncommon for AC units to overheat when the compressor malfunctions. Overheating can happen for a couple of reasons. Low refrigerant levels can lead to overheating. If there's not enough refrigerant, the compressor will malfunction. If you feel any heat coming from the outside AC unit, it's time to get the compressor repaired. 


If your AC compressor is original equipment, call an HVAC repair service. Outdated compressors need to work harder to cool down your house. When the compressor works harder, it puts more pressure on the air conditioner. That can cause your air conditioner to wear out faster. Plus, your cooling bills will go up. That's why you should repair or replace an outdated air conditioner compressor. 

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