Ask Your HVAC Company For A Recommendation When You're Deciding Between Repairs And A New AC

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

Ask Your HVAC Company For A Recommendation When You're Deciding Between Repairs And A New AC

Ask Your HVAC Company For A Recommendation When You're Deciding Between Repairs And A New AC

8 May 2023
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If your AC has broken down and the HVAC company has given you a quote for the repairs, you may wonder if you should go ahead with the repairs or use the money toward a new air conditioner. It can be a tough decision because you want to spend your money wisely.

Here are some things you might discuss with the HVAC company to make up your mind. 

The Age Of Your Equipment

If you know the age of the air conditioner, you can figure out if it's near the end of its life. It may be hard to justify a huge repair bill if the air conditioner is close to being replaced. The HVAC company may be some help. They might tell by looking over the equipment if it appears to be well-maintained and in good shape or if it looks like it has multiple problems and will need to be replaced soon.

The Number Of Repairs In Recent Years

If your AC has been giving you problems the last few years, that could be a sign it's getting old and needs to be replaced. However, you also need to consider the investments you've made in recent years and if the new parts you've put in will keep the AC going for longer.

It may be best to replace your air conditioner early when it's convenient for you rather than have the equipment break down during a heat wave and lead to the need for an emergency replacement.

Whether You Have Phased-Out Refrigerant

If your AC is old enough that it contains a refrigerant that's phased out, talk to the HVAC company about your options when it comes to repairs. Fixing a refrigerant problem when an AC has an old refrigerant can be costly.

Old refrigerant is expensive since it's hard to find, and new refrigerant can't be used without converting the lines. If refrigerant is involved in the repairs, it may be better to get a new AC that comes with the new refrigerant and lines installed.

Your Budget

Repairs are usually less expensive than getting a new air conditioner, so your budget might be the deciding factor. If you can't afford a new AC right now and you don't want to go without air conditioning, getting the repairs done might be the right choice while you save up for a new air conditioner.

However, the HVAC company can offer the best advice about your decision since they work with air conditioners every day and understand the decision you're facing.

Reach out to a local HVAC company to learn more.

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