Ask Your HVAC Contractor If Parts Can Be Reused When Your Furnace Or AC Fails

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Ask Your HVAC Contractor If Parts Can Be Reused When Your Furnace Or AC Fails

Ask Your HVAC Contractor If Parts Can Be Reused When Your Furnace Or AC Fails

12 July 2023
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When your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, it's sometimes a better decision to replace the unit rather than spend a lot of money on repairs. You may want the entire system replaced or you may want to talk to your HVAC contractor about what can be reused so you can save money on the installation. Here are parts of your HVAC system to discuss with your contractor.

The Ducts

Ducts can be expensive, so you may want to keep your old ducts if needed. The HVAC contractor needs to make sure the old ducts are a good match for your new HVAC first. They'll also want to make sure the ducts are still in excellent shape. If the ducts are old, they might have leaks you don't know about. They might even have rodent droppings or mold in them. The ducts might be dirty and packed with dust. It's possible to clean and disinfect ducts, so that might be a good choice so you don't have to replace them.

The Thermostat

If your old thermostat is compatible with your new HVAC, you might want to keep it. However, if the thermostat is old, you may prefer having a new one that has more functions. You might even want a smart thermostat that helps control the money you spend on climate control. Thermostats aren't very expensive unless you opt for a smart model, so replacing one with your HVAC is usually a good idea.

The Furnace Or AC

If both the furnace and air conditioner are old, the HVAC contractor may discuss the pros and cons of replacing just one of the units if one goes bad and the other still works. It's possible to replace a furnace and keep the same AC and vice versa, but your HVAC contractor might suggest replacing both units at the same time if you have the funds.

If you replace the AC, furnace, thermostat, and ducts at the same time, you'll spend more, but you may not have any more problems with your equipment for several years as long as you keep up with maintenance. Plus, when you buy everything new at once, you can be sure the parts are compatible so your HVAC will run efficiently.

Another point to discuss is when your AC goes bad and you want to only replace the condenser. There could be a problem with the refrigerant coil if your old unit has the phased-out refrigerant. This could cause you to need a new evaporator coil in the air handler inside when you get a new condenser that uses new refrigerant. Your HVAC contractor can help you decide on the parts that are needed most so you can get your HVAC back in service at a price that works with your budget. 

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