Protect Your Family From A Carbon-Monoxide-Leaking Heat Exchanger With A Furnace Cleaning

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Protect Your Family From A Carbon-Monoxide-Leaking Heat Exchanger With A Furnace Cleaning

Protect Your Family From A Carbon-Monoxide-Leaking Heat Exchanger With A Furnace Cleaning

7 December 2018
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Every winter, your perform various maintenance procedures on your furnace to ensure it runs properly. However, you have never even heard of a heat exchanger and have never cleaned yours even once. Unfortunately, this neglect could expose your family to high levels of carbon monoxide. Thankfully, a good furnace cleaning can help avoid this issue.

Excessive Dust And Dirt May Get Sucked Into A Furnace

Every time you open the outside door and walk into your home – especially when your wilder children do it – you are bringing in dirt and dust. And most of that dirt and dust, when it is airborne, is likely to get sucked into an active HVAC system and pumped into your furnace.

Some of that dirt is likely to get burned up but most of it is going to end up spread throughout the furnace's body. While a little dirt might not seem like a big deal, a dirty furnace often runs into issues that can complicate its operation. For example, parts such as the ever-important – if mysterious – heat exchanger may start to slowly wear down.

Cracked Heat Exchangers Lead To Increased Carbon Monoxide

As your furnace continues to suck in dirt and dust brought in from outside, different elements of the furnace will get coated with this grime and may run poorly. Unfortunately, that grime may trigger a break in a heat exchanger that can be very problematic for the operation of your furnace.

The heat exchanger is one of those furnace parts that homeowners rarely think about or clean when maintaining their furnace. Unfortunately, a cracked exchanger can cause a leak of carbon monoxide in a home. While the levels may initially be quite small, they may build up over time and cause heath issues. Sadly, this odor-less gas could cause problems such as confusion and agitation, and even death.

How Cleaning A Furnace Prevents That Problem

If you are concerned about the dangers of a heat exchanger cracking and causing a leak of carbon monoxide throughout a home, it is important to get the exchanger inspected to see if dirt and dust buildup is threatening to cause it to crack. Then, you need to get your furnace cleaned out to keep it operating as smoothly as possible.

So please don't hesitate to get your furnace cleaned and your heat exchanger repaired or replaced, as necessary, to protect your family. These steps should be performed at least once a year to ensure that no carbon monoxide is affecting your home.

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