Three Factors To Consider When Getting Air Conditioning Installation In Your Home

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Three Factors To Consider When Getting Air Conditioning Installation In Your Home

Three Factors To Consider When Getting Air Conditioning Installation In Your Home

2 September 2019
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Right now, one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of any home over a decade old is to update the HVAC equipment. In particular, new air conditioning units are smaller, more powerful, and waste less energy. As a result, they cost a lot less to run. Updating your air conditioner and other HVAC parts of your home's heating and cooling system can make it much easier to keep the temperature in your home even with smart technology. If you are thinking about updating your air conditioner this year, here are a few things to keep in mind when you receive a bid.

Duct and Vent Location Can Increase Bid Price

In many cases, older homes have air ducts and vents that are not located in the best locations for efficiency. Older HVAC systems may have parts that need to be replaced to accommodate a new air conditioning system. In situations where ventillation or air duct parts need to be replaced or moved to a completely different part of the home, you can count on the bid being much higher. It can be several thousand dollars to move and replace air ducts and vents, but these improvements will possibly save you thousands of dollars in the long run by decreasing the cost of running your cooling system.

Air Conditioner Unit Location Can Increase Bid Price

Your air conditioners current location may impact the cost of replacement. Air conditioner units that are on the roof, for example, can be more difficult to replace. In most modern homes, the air conditioners are on the side of the home. This is much easier to access and replace. Depending on whether or not you need to replace or move old HVAC parts may determine whether or not your air conditioner location needs to be moved as well. This will significantly increase a replacement bid, but will also result in greater efficiency and cost savings in the long run if it's needed.

Installing Technology Can Increase Bid Price

With a new air conditioner, and in an effort to make your home more efficient, you may need smart technology to run your new system. Most new HVAC systems are run by a computer, which can easily be adjusted by a central panel in the home. Smart technology can control air flow in the home and make it much less likely you'll be wasting energy. While the cost to install this equipment can be costly upfront, it will ensure your home is more comfortable and at the most efficient level of cooling at the exact temperature you want for each room. 

Even though all of the aforementioned parts of an new air conditioner installation can cause you to get a large bid, the benefits of efficiency will return the cost and save you money during the life of the home. It will increase the value of your home to have an updated system as well, so that can be a good thing if you want to sell in the near future. People want a comfortable home that isn't going to waste energy.

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