Three Problems Your Furnace Will Encounter

Is your HVAC system struggling to turn on and off? Learn to recognize HVAC problems early so you can avoid permanent damage.

Three Problems Your Furnace Will Encounter

Three Problems Your Furnace Will Encounter

2 September 2019
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The furnace in your home is likely one of the most powerful appliances in the structure. In addition to being extremely powerful, a furnace is one of the most complicated appliances that a person will own, and this can make it difficult to be prepared for the malfunctions that can strike it.

Fuel Leaks

Combustion furnaces will be some of the most commonly used. These furnaces will rely on igniting oil or natural gas to generate warmth for the home. A fuel leak with one of these furnaces can be an immensely dangerous situation as it can expose the rest of the structure to a risk of fire, or it may lead to occupants inhaling noxious fumes. Inspecting around the furnace for a fuel leak will only take a few minutes. During this inspection, you should review the fuel lines for signs of fluids leaking out of them, and you should monitor the fuel usage of the system to determine whether it appears to be using more than normal.

Reduce Air Flow

A furnace will need to be able to send the warmth that is generated to other areas of the home. To do this, it will have a large blower fan in it that will push the warmed air through the building. In situations where the blower fan is starting to malfunction, the furnace may exhibit reduced power and airflow. If the blower completely fails, the unit will lose all ability to circulate air in the home. Due to the difficulty of accessing the blower, homeowners should refrain from attempting repairs as they may injure themselves or worsen the damage to the furnace. A failed blower is not the only potential cause for reduced airflow. The vents on the furnace can develop dust accumulations, and these can grow thick enough to fully block the air that is entering. While dusty vents can have major and noticeable performance impacts, it is easy to avoid this issue by dusting the furnace every few weeks.

Electrical Malfunctions

Issues with a furnace's electrical system can be another common source of problems for these units. Homeowners will frequently be under the assumption that their furnaces will not be prone to suffering electrical issues due to it burning oil or gas to produce warmth. However, almost every type of modern furnace can be prone to experiencing electrical issues due to the fact that these units will have numerous internal components that need electricity to regulate and optimize the functioning of the furnace. Reach out to a company like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc if you suspect something is amiss. 

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