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4 Signs You Should Replace An Air Conditioning System That Still Works

20 January 2020
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When you think about replacing a home air conditioning system, you might think about replacing a unit that no longer works like it is supposed to. Naturally, it makes sense to replace an air conditioning unit that is damaged beyond repair or that needs very expensive repairs. However, it also sometimes makes sense to replace an air conditioning system that still works, such as in the cases below. 1. Your Unit Is Too Big or Small for Your Home
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About a year ago, I could tell that our HVAC system was really starting to struggle. No matter what we did, the system seemed to have a hard time turning on and off. When our air was running, it smelled terrible. In the winter, it seemed like our home was never warm enough. To ward off sudden failures, we hired a professional to come out and inspect our system. After a thorough analysis, we discovered that there were some serious fan problems. This blog is all about recognizing HVAC system problems early and keeping your system on point, so that you can avoid permanent damage.